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Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.105: news + ‘old stuff’

marzo 23, 2015



Our new displayer


‘Madame Tutli-Putli’. a highlight from the National Film  Board of Canada

A Wow issued in 1981 

Futuro according to Michel Kichka


Gemma Bovery.. the… dramedy

Finnish girls out of their block: Terhi Ekebon + Amanda Vähämäki by kuš!

Jeff Lemire + Dustin Nguyen: ‘Descender 1’, reviewed by Don MacPherson


Monstra 2015: and the winners are…

Best Brazilian film in our field in last 10 years

Why a comic lover should praise Leonel Brizola

The cartoon Dilma’s gang disliked more, this month 

The book I bought last week


The new series by Jeff Lemire

DC Comics: reboot or not reboot

Hugo Pratt and Oesterheld, together


The 1st Grande Diabolik of 2015

My favorite book from Tunué


Learn German reading… Zack!


9 decades of The New Yorker

Chlorophylle et Minimum, back to the shelves

The Mummins are in Angoulême


Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.104: news + ‘old stuff’

marzo 7, 2015



The cartoon by Ana von Rebeur that I love more

Petar Pismestrovic: bye, bye, euro!

Tihomir Čelanović: reading news


A definite book about Harvey Hurtzman

Marvel UK? this guy knows all

Tom Chalk: what a genial idea!

Review: ‘Regards from Serbia’ by Aleksandar Zograf


The new intelligent strips in Brazilian net

The new book illustrated by Carcamo *

Lost Dr. Seuss book discovered to be printed this year


Astro Boy live action

RiP Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, according to Tebeosfera


2 great artists that will be present at next Napoli Comicon


Review: 224 pages of Dylan Horrocks


‘ want to merge into ‘belgitude’? come in!

Interview: Makyo

Interview: Marko

Delcourt: a comic about (not) lost animals


The latest album by Manel Cráneo

*In Claudio Fragata’s blog, many links to 9th art

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.102: turning to magazine

marzo 3, 2015



Birdman? ugh!

Fala, Menino!


FoFa: From our Factory: Next film to be adapted


Página de HQ nova de Wander Antunes

Galeria de Tiago Hoisel

Boligán: Cuba hoy

Many Mingus

Marvel: páginas de Spider Gwen 1


A fim do mundo


Hannah Höch segundo o The Guardian

Kees Kousemaker: a jolly old fellow!


O caricaturista e guardião da memória musical brasileira


El Papus 2

Siga Condorito no Twitter 

Historietologo entrevista Quique Alcatena


1 hora de Supergulp


Entrevista: Mawil


Entrevista: Régis Loisel

Strindberg com requintes da Çà et Là

Rafael Coutinho pela Cambourakis

O mais novo álbum do brasileiro José Roosevelt


Manuele Fior pela Kultura Gniewu