Neorama 1.111: news and graphic humor

abril 24, 2015



Clayton: an intelligent way to show who helps São Paulo manifs

Issuu: Good Humor Party 5

Leopoldo Caricaturas: there’s 99% odds you’ve never seen something like this

Torino: Guffy, the ‘real’ waiter


Marvel: RiP Herb Trimpe

Dictionnaire de la Bande Dessinée [Kindle Edition]

Will Eisner: Bob Andelman’s biography in hardcover


Witty editorial: what they are doing ‘for’ Brazilian comics

Gibiteca de Santos: the continuous wave of good events is back

Call for entries: Parada Gráfica 2015


Condorito in 3D

Alicante: Unicómic 2015 will happen in 2 weeks

What is new in Chilemonos 2015 

Memín Pinguín is now an orphan

What if.. we gave you a free page of Doña Urraca to read?


The least you should know about ‘Un Uomo un’Avventura’


Benjamin Blümchen: 42 videos in YouTube


A new Serbian in the BéDé block 

Fluide Glacial goes 40: watch the video

The new album by the half Croatian Diego Aranega

Neorama 1.110: news and graphic humor

abril 23, 2015



Tons of Mullatier’s pics

Cairo 2015: tons of cartoons via Issuu

My pleasure to showcase Marine Cazaux, illustratrice


2015 Eisner Award Nominations


EXCLUSIVE: next Xiru Lautério (preview)

RiP Carlos Alberto Noviski

Time for Beja 2015

Toys: de luxe version of Snoopy

Amazônia Comic Con 2015 is just ahead

Clayton: drinking in Brazil, 2015 aC

You can watch J. Carlos via YouTube. Yes, I said watch

EXTRA: Snoopy hails the Earth Day


Saló de Barcelona: Toni Guiral talks about Perich


Interview: Giorgio Cavazzano

A new jewel by Vanna Vinci

Experience the exhibition Viva Cavandoli

Satira e Umorismo 2015: and the winners are…


A fable by Reprodukt


A golden thome of the best published by Grand Angle
In Bayonne, the meeting of the Basque caricaturists
Glenat presents: Caravage 1, By Milo Manara

Neorama 1.109: news and graphic humor

abril 22, 2015



Osten 2015: first gallery

Lupo Alberto: traffic jam in short

Eduardo Galeano by Junior Lopes

Manoel de Oliveira by Vasco Gargalo

Kind’a cover by Jordi Bayarri that I like. And you?


Jano, the ubiquituous


A Kosovar in Sofia

Pulitzer 2015: and the winner is…

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ release date

The Hidden Art of Disney’s Golden Age: next book by Didier Ghez

12th Comic Showroom Veles: the competition is open

Croatia: International Cartoon Exhibition Oscarfest 2015


VII Festival Internacional de Humor da Amazônia

YouTube shows how Cesar is creative

Plus: Marko’s humor mixed with the art of.. 

Gilmar Fraga

Hansen Bahia


Balearic news are always welcome at Neorama


Essay of Lo Spazio Bianco about Dino Battaglia + Sergio Toppi


Design: the newst book by Gestalten


Interview: Joan Sfar


New works by Darko Drljević

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.108: some news and more humor

abril 21, 2015



Mordillo: ‘women’ on the beach

Woody Allen by Gilmar Fraga

Max und Moritz fishing

Lassalvy: ouch! it’s an ass

Darko Drljevic: was there a flea?

Guy Bara: what ar ‘friends’ for?

Dante Elefante: metalanguage according to Javier Rovella


Toronto: time for TCAF 2015

Yeni Akrep 125

Best thing I have in my collection of flipbooks


I’ve read 7 chapters of this book, and it’s ok, for me

Next Brazilian book I’ll read

Paulo Setubal writes about Jim Hopkins

Yes, Junião IS like this


And the winner is…. Alessandro Gatto!


Master Sergio Staino explains what has happened this week


Ralf Ruthe: Facebook asea


The new France

Canardo 23 (review)


A cover of our mag ‘Drawn Humor’

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.107: news + ‘old stuff’

abril 12, 2015



Gabriel 69 (cover) // what’s Gabriel

YouTube: learn to draw Blue Beetle

Max l’Explorateur, adapted to Vimeo


The American Revolution according to Brian Wood (review)

The Incredibles 2, on the way


An intelligent e-comic about soccer

The new from Shiko

You would not expect cartoonists to be safe in Dilmaland. Would you?

Valentina goes 50

The most intelligent living Brazilian guy dynamites Superman

Extra: Marko’s humor depicts:

a) Bob de Moor

b) Oumpapah

c) Ziraldo

d) a Marvel hero

e) Luiz Sá

f) Quick Draw McGraw

g) a manga-esque drawing

h) Angelina Ballerina


Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso show their neighborhood

Next album signed by Alejandro Aguado


Tex 651/653

Graphic News, a new mag (obviously, printed in Bologna)


Kafka the Knesebeck way


Fluide Glacial goes 40

Czech liberty, bandessinée style

Oh, gosh, a new Benoît Brisefer has arrived!


Moj Strip 4

Animafest Zagreb 2015

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.106: news + ‘old stuff’

abril 2, 2015



Feminiza 37

Sex according to Jordan Pop Iliev (Macedonia)


Double interview: Michael Chabon and Neil Gaiman

Ari Folman in the news. According to The Guardian

Hilarious: 37 cartoons about Hillary


Rodolpho Zalla rides again

Who’s Roman Gubern

Next Asterix

Rio Grande do Sul draws ensemble: Edição de Risco 2


21 minutes of Hijitus

Who’s Luis Gasca

200th Mortadelo


Julia 199

A book about Massimo de Vita

Interview: Yoshitaka Amano  


München 2015


Miroslav Sekulic-Struja and other great stars were present at Rencontres d’Aix BD 2015

Armenia as theme of a GNo…

An Armenian authoress published by Fremok


18 articles about comics in latest Esensja

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.105: news + ‘old stuff’

marzo 23, 2015



Our new displayer


‘Madame Tutli-Putli’. a highlight from the National Film  Board of Canada

A Wow issued in 1981 

Futuro according to Michel Kichka


Gemma Bovery.. the… dramedy

Finnish girls out of their block: Terhi Ekebon + Amanda Vähämäki by kuš!

Jeff Lemire + Dustin Nguyen: ‘Descender 1’, reviewed by Don MacPherson


Monstra 2015: and the winners are…

Best Brazilian film in our field in last 10 years

Why a comic lover should praise Leonel Brizola

The cartoon Dilma’s gang disliked more, this month 

The book I bought last week


The new series by Jeff Lemire

DC Comics: reboot or not reboot

Hugo Pratt and Oesterheld, together


The 1st Grande Diabolik of 2015

My favorite book from Tunué


Learn German reading… Zack!


9 decades of The New Yorker

Chlorophylle et Minimum, back to the shelves

The Mummins are in Angoulême

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.104: news + ‘old stuff’

marzo 7, 2015



The cartoon by Ana von Rebeur that I love more

Petar Pismestrovic: bye, bye, euro!

Tihomir Čelanović: reading news


A definite book about Harvey Hurtzman

Marvel UK? this guy knows all

Tom Chalk: what a genial idea!

Review: ‘Regards from Serbia’ by Aleksandar Zograf


The new intelligent strips in Brazilian net

The new book illustrated by Carcamo *

Lost Dr. Seuss book discovered to be printed this year


Astro Boy live action

RiP Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, according to Tebeosfera


2 great artists that will be present at next Napoli Comicon


Review: 224 pages of Dylan Horrocks


‘ want to merge into ‘belgitude’? come in!

Interview: Makyo

Interview: Marko

Delcourt: a comic about (not) lost animals


The latest album by Manel Cráneo

*In Claudio Fragata’s blog, many links to 9th art

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.102: turning to magazine

marzo 3, 2015



Birdman? ugh!

Fala, Menino!


FoFa: From our Factory: Next film to be adapted


Página de HQ nova de Wander Antunes

Galeria de Tiago Hoisel

Boligán: Cuba hoy

Many Mingus

Marvel: páginas de Spider Gwen 1


A fim do mundo


Hannah Höch segundo o The Guardian

Kees Kousemaker: a jolly old fellow!


O caricaturista e guardião da memória musical brasileira


El Papus 2

Siga Condorito no Twitter 

Historietologo entrevista Quique Alcatena


1 hora de Supergulp


Entrevista: Mawil


Entrevista: Régis Loisel

Strindberg com requintes da Çà et Là

Rafael Coutinho pela Cambourakis

O mais novo álbum do brasileiro José Roosevelt


Manuele Fior pela Kultura Gniewu

Neorama dos Quadrinhos 1.101, de Marko Ajdarić

febrero 22, 2015



Qual é a consigna dos plutos do Chagrin Revidou?

Daniel Paz e Rudy, em português

Kim Grove in Bahia


Yeni Akrep 125

Jiří Trnka por Vasco Gargalo

Editor’s pick: páginas de All-New X-Men 38


Richard Thompson: o fim da neve

A arte de Laura Zuccheri, em resenha de Publishers Weekly

Grant Morrison: resenha ilustrada de Nameless 1


Henfil: uma grande reedição

Luciano Salles vai obrigar você a voltar as páginas algumas vezes

Uma antologia de BD portuguesa em inglês

A Kus publica 17 portugueses / vejam que não é ‘S’ que se chama, ok, monoglotinhas?:

Lelis, junto e misturado 


O novo da Planeta


RiP Brett Ewins


Lucerna: quase na hora do Fumetto


O novo de Satssens

Ilpo Koskela abre uma nova fonteira

Guiné em notícia (séria, e não hype do Brasil)

Benin em notícia

BD católica: a + recente inclusão do CriaBD

O novo da Sandawe